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Apple Cup 2014

October 10th - 12th






Registration closes on September 20th, 2014.



U-6 & U-7

Roster is limited to 6 players (3 of which may be guest players)           $150

Number of players on field: 4v4 (No GK)


Roster is limited to 9 players (3 of which may be guest players)  $200

Number of players on field: 5v5 (includes GK)


Roster is limited to 10 players (3 of which may be guest players)  $200

Number of players on field: 6v6 (includes GK)


Roster is limited to 13 players (3 of which may be guest players) $250

Number of players on field: 9v9 (includes GK)


Roster is limited to 14 players (4 of which may be guest players) $250

Number of players on field: 9v9 (includes GK)

U12 thru U-18

Roster is limited to 18 players (4 of which may be guest players)  $400

Number of players on field: 11v11 (includes GK)


Games can begin as early as 5:00 pm Friday, and 8:00 am on Saturday and Sunday mornings so be prepared to play -- games will not be rescheduled. If your team may have issues with a Friday night game please add a note upon registration and we will try to accommodate. Games may also be scheduled as late as 8:00 pm Saturday night under the lights at the fields where they are available. Please make your travel and accommodation arrangements accordingly. Schedules and maps will be posted on our website as soon as they are complete. Updates will be posted immediately on the website Please check your schedule frequently. Coaches or team representatives will be notified at check-in of any last minute changes.

**Concussion Compliance Washington State Law**
On July 26, 2009, House Bill 1824 also known as the Zachery Lystedt Law became effective.
The law mandates that ALL players and parent(s)/guardian(s) sign and return an informed consent form relating to the nature and risk of concussion or head injury. This information sheet shall include the signs and symptoms of concussion/brain injury. The law is an important step in ensuring player safety and mitigating head injuries. Furthermore, the law mandates that ALL coaches (paid or volunteer) are educated in the nature and risk of concussion or head injury prior to the first practice/competition. This education shall include signs and symptoms of concussion/brain injury.
***All teams participating in the Wenatchee Apple Cup Tournament must be in compliance with the law. Teams that do not comply will not be allowed to compete in the tournament.
Due to this law, a signed roster from the Club Registrar indicating compliance will be required upon registration. This can be sent by email and needs to be received no later than one week after registration.

**Concussion Form - Please Complete

Field Use Requirements:
All fields used for the tournament are located in the Wenatchee Valley (Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Cashmere). Maps will be available on the website. Some of the fields are school district fields and as such we are required to abide by their rules.
Please inform and enforce the following with your players, parents, spectators and fans.
l) Animals are not allowed on school district fields.
2) Please leave fields cleaner than you found it; trash containers are easily available for team use.
3) Smoking is not allowed on school property.
The coach and manager are responsible to ensure that after each game their sideline is free of garbage and other debris associated with the game.

Please report serious injuries to the Field Marshal. He/she will be able to direct you to our hospital or clinic, or the Field Marshal will have a phone to call an ambulance, if necessary.

Check-in Procedures:
All WYS Select & US Club players must have a valid player card.
Coaches or a team representative must check-in, show documentation that their concussion paper work is in compliance, and produce player cards prior to their first match.
Check-in will be Friday evening from 4-9:00 pm at Tournament Headquarters at Walla Walla Point Park (1351
Walla Walla Ave, Wenatchee WA). Late arrivals can register on Saturday AM, but it must be an hour before the teams first game.
At check-in the coach or team representative shall provide a final, official WYS or US Club Soccer team roster printed from WYS or US Club Soccer. The roster must include the players name, birth date, and jersey number (primary and alternate jerseys) of every player and must be signed by their association/club registrar. The signing registrar shall also include his/her contact phone number on the roster.
Hand written or self made rosters WILL NOT be accepted. Guest players must be included on the official team roster and approved by the association/club registrar. Properly executed US Club player loan forms must be submitted with an official team roster for US Club Soccer registered guest players.

The laws of FIFA as modified by WYS for youth and WYS Judicial Guidelines will be used during the tournament. Please provide a cell phone number for the coach or team manager that will be available during the weekend.

U6 and U7 Team roster is limited to 8 (3 of which may be guest players).
U8 Team roster is limited to 9 players (3 of which may be guest players).
U9 Team roster is limited to 10 players (3 of which may be guest players).
U10 Team roster is limited to 13 players (3 of which may be guest players).
U11 Team roster is limited to 13 players (4 of which may be guest players).
U12 thru U18 Team rosters are limited to 18 players (4 of which may be guest players).

*If the minimum number of teams in each age bracket is not met, your team may be moved up one age group.
No player may compete for more than one team during the tournament. Guest players may not be players who have played or are playing at a higher playing level than the team they are a guest playing for.
Each team must have an alternate jersey or scrimmage vest to wear in case of conflict. The home team, as indicated in the tournament schedule, must change to the alternate jersey.
All players must wear shin guards.
Each team must provide a game ball. A ball must be: size 3 for U6 through U8, size 4 for U9 through U12, and size 5 for U13 through U18.
The offside rule will apply and be enforced at U-10 and older age levels.
Match duration will be 12 minute halves for U6 & U7, 15 minute halves for U8 & U9, 20 minute halves for U10, 30 minute halves for U11 and older with 5 minute halftimes.
Substitutions shall be allowed, with the permission of the referee, during any stoppage in play.
Referees will report the game score and red and yellow card information to the field marshal who will report it to the tournament headquarters.
Players from both teams will sit on the same side of the field. Parents and spectators will sit on the opposite side from the teams.
Coaches and team managers are held strictly accountable for the conduct of their teams, players, parents and supporters.
Abusive behavior toward the officials, opponents, or tournament staff will not be tolerated. The Tournament Committee shall review any serious breaches in sportsmanship or conduct. The Tournament Committee shall be the final authority in all tournament matters.
Tournament committee decisions are final and may not be further discussed or otherwise appealed.

All games will begin at their appointed time. Any team not ready to play at the appointed time will forfeit the match. A team not able to field at least three players at U6 & U7, four players at U8 through U10, six players at U11 or seven players at (U12-U18) at the scheduled starting time shall forfeit the match.
Forfeiture of a match will result in the following: Game score will be 1-0. The team to whom the match is forfeited receives 8 points.
1) The forfeited match stands as a match that has been played
2) If a team chooses to forfeit a match, they will be disqualified from further tournament participation.

Cancelled games:
Neither the Apple Cup Tournament Committee, nor Wenatchee Fire FC is responsible for games cancelled because of unplayable fields. Such cancellations are for the safety of the players and referees and no liability will be assumed.
None of the entrance fee will be refunded to any team removed from the tournament due to breach of the tournament rules or determination of the tournament committee.

Divisions and Points:
Jamboree format  U6- U10 only
A) No penalty kicks
B) No direct kicks
C) 4 round robin games
D) No championship game
E) No score keeping

Tournament format U11-U18
The U11-U18 will consist of teams set into brackets within age divisions. Each bracket is limited to no more than 16 teams. When possible, brackets shall be divided into equal sized groups. When possible, teams from the same area will be placed in different groups. All teams will play a minimum of three matches.

Points for scores are as follows:
Win = six points, plus one per goal (up to three), plus one for a shutout. (10 points maximum)
Tie = three points, plus one per goal (up to three), 0-0 tie = 4 pts. (6 points maximum)
Loss = one point for each goal (up to three). (3 points maximum)
Red Card = minus one point from game total.
Yellow Card = one will not lose points, two yellows equals a Red and thus a loss of one point.
Forfeiture = eight points (score 1-0, 0 points for team forfeiting)

In case of a point tie after preliminary matches are played:
1. Winner of the preliminary match between the two teams
2. Team with fewest losses in group play
3. Fewest goals allowed
4. Team that posted the most shut-outs in group play
5. Total goals for (up to 5 per match)
6. Coin flip

Championship game tie-breakers are as follows:
A) Three minute time-out, followed by overtime period consisting of two five minute halves - no golden goal.
B) If still tied, then FIFA shootout. The kicks from the penalty mark will be taken alternately by five players from each team. If at the end of this series of five, a tie remains, different players will take additional kicks from the penalty mark, alternately until a winner is declared. Only those players on the field at the end of the overtime match will participate in the shootout.

Standings will be maintained at the tournament headquarters at Walla Walla Point Park as well as at Hydro Park for the bracket/division playing there. The website will also be updated with scores.

Judicial Procedures:
THE REFEREES DECISION WILL BE FINAL. No discussion of calls with the referee will be allowed. No protests are accepted. Decision on the field is final.
Players receiving 2 yellow cards, or one red card in a match will be ejected from the match and will not be allowed to play in the next match and the team will relinquish 1 (one) game point. A coach receiving a red card will be ejected from the match and ineligible to coach or be present at the next scheduled game. The Apple Cup Tournament Committee reserves the right to disqualify the team from further participation in the Tournament.

Jamboree - Medals or pins shall be presented to all players participating in the jamboree.
U11- U18 - The first place team in each division will have the honor of winning the Apple Cup Champions trophy. Medals or trophies will be presented to all players on the first and second place teams.


Neil Oyston

Michele Hughes

Kelly Lopez

Kelly Chandler

Matt Wisen